Representative Matters

Member of three person AAA tribunal alleging breach of several multi-party contracts relating to the exploitation of patent rights (Large, Complex Commercial Procedures).

Sole arbitrator in complex ICDR/AAA (Large, Complex Commercial Procedures) case involving multiple technology and purchase agreements for an entertainment concept of world wide dimension. Case involves claims under several antitrust and competition regimes (Texas, US, and foreign) as well as intellectual property and contract interpretation issues.  Award issued.

Sole arbitrator in AAA case involving significant account issues between motion picture distributor and production company. Pending.

Sole Arbitrator in complex ICDR dispute between law firm and electronics firm regarding breach of contract claims, involving IP issues including FRAND and antitrust, as well as proper billing and client representation issues.  Award issued

Sole Arbitrator in a multimillion dollar contract, IP, and antitrust dispute in the animal and livestock food supplement industry under the ICDR/AAA rules including the Rules for Large, Complex Cases.  Award issued.

Consultant to a major law firm in Paris in connection with potential ICC arbitration claims relating to competition and copyright issues.

Lead coordinating counsel in complex series of cases in the courts in France, Switzerland, and US brought by heir to a French estate, claiming forced heirship under French law and alleging a famous villa and historic art collection were part of the estate.

Member of three person AAA tribunal alleging breach of contract in the provision of computer hardware.

Lead counsel for large French industrial group in antitrust matters before DOJ involving two major transactions (one a second request involving several pitches to the regulators and extensive document production involving privilege and translation issues).

Lead counsel for pharmaceutical company in a trade secret and patent case in new drug related to colonoscopy preparation.

Lead counsel for a major manufacturer and supplier of artificial turf for sports venues against patent and antitrust allegations brought by a competitor.

Lead U.S. and coordinating counsel for large retailer in a fraud and breach of fiduciary case against a former agent in Thailand, involving a Mareva injunction and cases in Hong Kong and Luxembourg.

Co-counsel for large US logistics concern in two UNCITRAL arbitrations under Mexican law involving an investment in Mexico in the logistics business.

Co-counsel for a large investment company in Russia in an  UNCITRAL arbitration, regarding an expropriated investment.

Co-counsel for pharmaceutical company in an ICC arbitration in Geneva alleging breach of contract in the development of a new drug relating to mitigating chemotherapy effects.

Lead counsel for large retailer in case alleging conspiracy in the development of unsafe window blind cords.

Lead counsel for large French industrial concern in business tort dispute in powder metallurgy business brought by competitor in which more than $1B damages alleged and asserted in several expert reports.

Lead counsel for major auto suspension supplier in large intellectual property/competition related ICC arbitration in London in the off road vehicle industry.

Sole arbitrator in an ICC case in Dallas in the school fund raising industry.

Lead counsel for large construction company in major ICC arbitration  in Geneva involving failed joint venture in Argentina.

Co-counsel for large Mexican brewery regarding ICC arbitration issues and a dispute against a large U.S. competitor.

Lead counsel for large energy e&p company in RICO and several IP actions related to ownership of mettalocene technology.

Co-lead counsel for large energy e&p company in a nationwide class action of royalty owners alleging  antitrust conspiracy to underprice oil purchased at the lease.

Lead counsel for large energy e&p company in a class action of royalty owners of a CO2 field in New Mexico asserting antitrust, fraud, and contract theories.

Lead counsel for world famous jewelry retailer in injunction action to restrain it from opening a second store at renown mall in Dallas.

Lead counsel for large energy e&p company in antitrust and business tort dispute in New Mexico and Texas.

Lead counsel for largest Korean electronics and industrial concern in investigation of a major antitrust ICC arbitration and parallel antitrust claims in court in the petrochemical industry against a large energy e&p company.

Lead U.S. counsel for certain municipal and state Mexican government entities in connection with arbitration under Chapter 11 of the NAFTA Treaty, alleging expropriation of concession investment for collection, treatment, and disposal of waste in and around Mexico City.

Lead counsel for a witness in the industrial diamond grand jury investigation and related criminal case regarding alleged antitrust violations, and involving the first leniency discussions and grant under new US policy.

Lead counsel for a major crystal company after adverse jury verdict and represented client on appeal to Third Circuit and US Supreme Court.

Lead counsel for the major crystal company in related state court litigation in Pennsylvania.

Lead counsel in defense of antitrust cases brought by municipalities against the major producers of ductile iron pipe and related nationwide grand jury conducted by DOJ.

Member of three person ICC tribunal in arbitration conducted in Paris between Finnish Consortium (nominated by them) and Philippine Government over construction of copper mine in the Philippines.

Lead counsel for energy company in the defense of an AAA arbitration in Dallas involving oil drilling rights and Areas of Mutual Interest in France.

Lead counsel for a major French industrial concern in an ICC arbitration involving a license with a large competitor asserting IP and antitrust claims.